The reasons and strategies of a "cultural approach"

Cultural heritage and cultural expressions in their various traditional and creative forms are an important resource for the development of society.

Cultural activities fully contribute to improving the quality of life, economic growth, employment and social cohesion. Today, culture is increasingly recognized as a founding element in the conduct of international and European foreign policy, as well as a qualitative element in the international positioning of companies.

In fact, culture and cultural activities can respond to the need that companies are called upon today: to assume responsibility towards society, improving its quality of life.

Tracing new models of cultural fruition, developing synergies and international collaborations between various public and private sectors, promoting innovative and integrated cultural projects between institutions, companies, foundations, creatives and civil society, are the answer to many of these needs.

This is the challenge and mission of SMA Culture

Part of the SMA Legal & Advisory network, SMA Culture offers integrated cultural services at a national, European and international level, based on extensive experience, an exhaustive background of success and a network of loyal contacts.

SMA Culture can count on the support of its offices located in Rome, Bratislava, Madrid; A team of experts and specialized consultants with extensive experience in wide-ranging cultural projects and prestigious institutional, national and international collaborations.

SMA Culture collaborates with institutions, cultural and entrepreneurial realities, private and public, national and international, and can promote strategic partnerships for the development of joint actions in the cultural and entreprenerial fields.


Our services

Thanks to a continuous and careful relational activity at national, international and European level with public and private entities and reference stakeholders, to an intense activity of monitoring prospects and opportunities (tenders, celebrations, institutional initiatives) SMA Culture can offer advice and support on the creation and construction of cultural projects; on the promotion of collaborations and strategic partnerships at national and international level, aimed at the realization of cultural projects; on creating opportunities for  the participation of companies in cultural initiatives through the sponsorship mechanism (and related tax benefits);

Thanks to the network of SMA Legal & Advisory, SMA Culture can provide integrated analyzes of various target countries, among these, by way of explanation and not exhaustive: in addition to European countries, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, countries on the southern shore of the Mediterranean.


The Coordinator  of SMA Culture

Rosanna Binacchi

Arts & Culture Strategist

Director of the Ministry of Culture (2000/2022), Doctor Rosanna Binacchi, has held numerous positions in the field of promotion and international relations at strategic institutes of the Ministry, in particular at: the Minister’s Cabinet (2020/2022); General Secretariat (2009/2020); General Directorate of Museums (2010/2017); Directorate General for the Enhancement of Cultural Heritage (2009/2012) Directorate General for Technological Innovation and Promotion/Department for Research, Organization and Innovation (2004/2009); Directorate General for Archaeological Heritage (2001/2004); Offices of direct collaboration to the Minister (2000/2001)

Within the aforementioned institutes, she has been in charge of a wide range of relational, protocol, organizational activities in an international, bilateral, European and multilateral context, participating in the overall organization (investigation, documentation, organisation) of strategic initiatives, such as, by way of example and not limited to: International Conference of Ministers of Culture of the Mediterranean, Naples 16/17 June 2022; Meeting of the Ministers of Culture within the framework of the Italian Presidency of the G20 (Rome, 20 /30 July 2021); Meeting of the Ministers of Culture of the G7 group (Florence 30/31 March 2017); International conference of 83 Ministers of Culture of the countries adhering to EXPO Milano 2015: "Culture as a tool at the service of dialogue between peoples"; MIBACT participation in EXPO Shanghai 2010; EXPO Milan 2015, EXPO DUBAI 2020.

Focal Point for the development of important bilateral cultural promotion projects, in particular between Italy and the People's Republic of China; Italy/USA, Italy/Switzerland, Italy/Israel, Italy/Japan, Italy/Russia.

From 2016 to 2022, she held the position of Head of the Organizational , Technical Coordination Structure of the Italy-China Cultural Forum, (a platform for dialogue and strategic orientation between the cultural and creative industries sectors of the two countries, taking care of the instructional and organizational aspects of the I Assembly of the Forum, on the occasion of the state visit of President Sergio Mattarella; (Beijing 20 February 2017); II Assembly of the Forum (Rome, 22 March 2019) on the occasion of the state visit of President of the PRC Xi Jinping.

2010/2017 As part of the tasks assigned and the activities carried out within the Directorate General for Museums (formerly Directorate General for the Enhancement of Cultural Heritage) she held the position of Coordinator with functions of managing relations with international institutions and museums, for the implementation of projects based on international agreements.

Focal Point for the development of the Memorandum for cultural collaboration and museum promotion between the Ministry of Cultural Heritage of the Italian Republic and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage of the People Republic of China; Project Manager of the "Spazio Italia" project, (coordination of initiatives at the exhibition space reserved for Italy at the National Museum of China, Tian'an Men - Beijing; for the five-year period 2011/2015), for the realization of important projects, such as: “The Renaissance in Florence: Masterpieces and Protagonists” (2011); “Rome and the Baroque” (2014); “Glory of light and color. Four centuries of Venetian painting” (2015); “Series Off Series” (2017), as well as for the realization of the projects carried out by the Chinese Party at the National Museum of the Palazzo di Venezia: “Archaic China” (3500 B.C.E. – 221 B.C.E.), (2013); “The Legend of the Mawangdui Tomb” (2014); "Masterpieces of Chinese Art in the Period Between the Han and Tang Dynasties". (2015); “The Masterpieces of Ancient Chinese Porcelain of the Shanghai Museum from the 10th to the 19th Century” (2016)

2006/2012 Responsible for the coordination of the following exhibition projects at the Millenium Monument World Art Museum, Beijing: “Mirror of time, man and his world in six centuries of Italian art”, World Art Museum, Beijing 2006; “Stories from an Eruption: Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis”, World Art Museum, Beijing, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Westlake Arts Museum 2007; “Games and Athletes in the Ancient World”, World Art Museum, Beijing, 2008; (as part of the events held on the occasion of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games); Great Civilizations (2008/2010; "The two parallel empires. Qin - Han and Rome", Beijing World Art Museum, Luoyang Museum of Henan 2009/2010; Milan, Palazzo Reale (2011) / Rome, Museo del Palazzo di Venezia (2012); "Treasures from Capodimonte", World Art Museum, Beijing (2011);

"2013, Year of Italian culture in the United States of America", Doctor Binacchi contributed to the implementation of important projects, among these, the exhibition of imasterpieces: Apollo David by Michelangelo, Washington National Gallery (2013); The Madonna of Senigallia by Piero della Francesca, Boston Museum of Fine Arts (2013); The Boxer, Metropolitan Museum New York.

2014/2017 Amang other relevant  international projects, we can include: "Siena ars narrandi", on the occasion of the Italian Presidency of the EU Council, BOZAR Museum, Brussels 2014; “Boldini, master of the Belle Époque”, World Art Museum of Beijing (July/October 2016) and at the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg (November 2016/March 2017)

2003/2008 As part of the activities carried out by the Directorate General for Archaeology, Ms Binacchi dealt with aspects of operational coordination of exhibitions which involved over 80 archaeological museums throughout the country and related communication campaigns : Sport in ancient Italy 2003; Food and flavors in ancient Italy 2004; Fashion, Costume and Beauty, 2005 .

In the context of the strategy (MIBACT/MAECI) VIVEREALL'ITALIANA Programs" Italia, culture, Mediterraneo 2018”,” Italia, culture, Africa, 2019, She was responsible of the coordination of the cultural cooperation project between the Museum of Civilizations and the Musée des civilizations noires - Dakar Senegal. (January 2020/December 2021

Doctor Binacchi also held numerous positions within the European institutions: National Delegate to the Cultural Affairs Committee of the Council of the European Union (CAC) then President since January 2014 during the six-month Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

National delegate, and President of the group of experts, Mobility of Collections and Cultural and creative Industries.

Head of the Coordination Unit of the organizational aspects of the activities carried out in the context of the Italian Presidency of the EU - II Semester 2014 (Informal Meeting of the Ministers of Culture of the 27 EU Countries, Turin, (24 September 2014); Informal Meeting of the Ministers of Culture and Tourism (Naples 30/31 October 2014); International Conference, "Heritage Commons. Towards a new Heritage governance in the third millennium", (Turin 23/25, September 2014) 13th European Tourism Forum "Synergies between Culture and Tourism --Innovative Actions in Tourism ”, (Naples, 30-31 October 2014)

Member of numerous ministerial delegations; Member of the delegation for the state visit to China of the President of the Republic HE Sergio Mattarella February 2017.

Ms Binacchi combined her professional activity with a broad academic activity. From 2017 to date, professor and member of the Advisory Board of the Master in Cultural Diplomacy: Arts and Media for International Relations and Global Communication, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

2003/2010  She held the course of "Economics and Management of Cultural Heritage" Master Degree Course in Artistic Studies, Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, University of Rome "La Sapienza"

Speaker at numerous conferences, round tables and international symposiums in Brussels, Washington, Beijing, Athens, Paris on issues related to the promotion of cultural heritage.

She has  coordinated the drafting of "Reports" within the WTO working groups, including: "Mobility of collections"; "Methods and tools to simplify the process of lending works."; "Optimizing the potential of cultural and creative industries; "ICC export and internationalization, support strategies"; "Access to Finance”; “Culture and external relations of the EU, Focus on China.”; CCS Creative economy and Innovation) Developing entrepreneurial and innovation potential of the cultural and creative sectors”.